GlycoBiomarker Discovery & Screening

GlycoBiomarker Discovery and Screening

A strategy for discovery of new glycobiomarkers is well summarized in a paper written by Dr. H. Narimatsu et al. The following is an explanation of the simplified pipeline for the new glycobiomarker discovery. In short, the merits of using lectin microarrays in a glycobiomarker discovery are in the high sensitityty of GlycoStation and its high throughput operation. For instance, GlycoStation is able to detect faint changes in glycan structures from a few mL of serum samples with using an antibody overlay lectin microarray method, and therefore, this is quite helpful in screening glycobiomarkers from a few dozen of cadidates using precious clinical samples.

Pipeline of GlycoBiomarker Discovery & Screening

IGOT LC-MS is a way of identification of N-linked glycopeptides using lectin-mediated affinity capture and glycosylation site-specific stable isotope tagging

What we can offer?

GlycoStation™ is such a powerful glycan profiling system consisting of Glycostation™ Reader 1200 (Evanescent-filed fluorescence excitation profiler), LecChip™(Lectin Microarray), and GlycoStation™ Tools Pro (Analysis Software). You can see the detaled information from our main web-site about the products. We can also offer glycan analysis service for your convenience.


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