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ESTEM™-UX is a culture medium for iPS utilizing feeder cells and is designed to meet Serum-free, Xeno-free requirements. Unlike SODATT™-E7, it is required to add bFGF in this product.

We deal with Culture Media for iPS

Culture Media for iPSThere is a kind of Culture Media. We can deal with your order from a bottle, of which volume is 500mL.

Products Name Designed for Price (in Japanese Yen)
ESTEM™-UX iPS 28,500 JPY

Shipping Schedule: Deliver by Thursday as ordered by the last Thursday
Lifetime: Use in a month.
Shipping and Storage Condition: cold storage is recommended.
Remarks) Freight fee is not included in the price.

  1. ESTEM™-UX can not be used in a Feeder-free condition.
  2. It is recommended to add Y27632(ROCK Inhibitor) at a passage.
  3. It is needed to add bFGF/TGFβ in ESTEM™-UX.

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