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The current stream in development of culture media for iPS/ES cells will be Serum-free, Xeno-free (without using components derived from an animal), Feeder-free (replacing MEF with vitronectin etc.), and continued efforts are going on to improve the safety of regenerative medicine targeting for practical use of iPS/ES cells. However, more efforts would be needed to lower the cost for realizing regenerative medicine. Actually, all of you would agree with us that current culture media are still very expensive.

One of the biggest barriers to have culture media available for practical use would be that it is indispensable to add high concentration bFGF/TGFβ into the culture media. However, in the case of GlycoTechnica's SODATT™, proteins contained in it are only two kinds (of course, those are recombinants), bFGF/TGFβ are not contained at all (bFGF/TGFβ-free), and those functions are taken over by three kinds of low molecular compounds. It is not exaggeration to say that our culture medium is a cost breakthrough in practical application of regenerative medicine using iPS cells.
The product name is SODATT™-E7, and is to be released in Sept., 2017.

SODATT™-E8 is a sister product of SODATT™-E7. This product is Serum-free, Xeno-free, Feeder-free, but bFGF is added in this case unlike SODATT™-E7. The performance compares favourably with existing ones, and is very easy to use.

We deal with Culture Media for iPS

Culture Media for iPSThere are two kinds of Culture Media. We can deal with your order from a bottle, of which volume is 500mL.

Products Name Designed for Price (in Japanese Yen)
SODATT™-E7 iPS ------ JPY
SODATT™-E8 iPS ------ JPY

Shipping Schedule: Deliver by Thursday as ordered by the last Thursday
Lifetime: Use in two weeks after mixing a supliment.
Shipping and Storage Condition: cold storage for the main bottle and freezing for the supliment.
Remarks) Freight fee is not included in the price.

Colony of iPS cells
  1. Vitronectin is recommended in Feeder-free cultivation.
  2. It is recommended to add Y27632(ROCK Inhibitor) at a passage.
  3. There is no need to add bFGF/TGFβ in SODATT™-E7.

Colony of iPS cells (SODATT™-E7)

Pluripotent cell markers

Pluripotent cell markers are all positive (SODATT™-E7)

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