GlycoTechnica Ltd.

A New Glycan Analysis Service Center was established

We are delighted to be able to announce you that GlycoTechnica has opend up a new glycan analysis center in Wistar Institute, Univ. of Pennsylvania.

All living cells assemble a diverse repertoire of glycan structures on their surface via their glycosylation machinery. With recent advances in glycobiology, cell-surface glycosylation and lectin-glycan signaling have been shown to play critical roles in immune response and both cell-cell as well as cell-pathogen interactions. Glycan structure alterations have been identified as biomarkers for cancer and have been utilized to design carbohydrate-based therapeutic vaccines. Several tools are being developed for glycan profiling based on chromatography and mass spectrometry, however, these technologies require a large amount of the samples, which is often not possible from clinical specimens. Lectin microarrays provide a versatile platform for high-throughput, rapid, and sensitive analysis of carbohydrate structures on a variety of clinical and biological samples. The lectin microarray has become a pioneering technology in glycobiology research, leading to several discoveries on the glycan-mediated recognition responsible for signal transduction of a broad range of cellular processes central to immune regulation and human diseases. Lectin microarrays have been used to: discover new cell-surface and cell-free biomarkers for cancer and other diseases, design carbohydrate-based therapeutic vaccines, characterize stem and differentiated cells in the regenerative medicine field, profile viral glycan shields, and characterize therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies

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